The Disciples: Wesley’s Spring Series

After Jesus was lifted up, the twelve disciples were left behind. They often seemed to be cowardly, slow to understand, doubting, and even unfaithful. But the truth is that, by the lives of the Twelve, the world’s history was changed.

Who were they? What did make them such greatly historical figures, and what do their stories tell us about who we are? This spring, Wesley invites you to a new sermon series, The Disciples. For 10 weeks, looking into the lives of Jesus’ disciples, let us talk about the twelve men that changed the world’s history.

April 22 – “Peter”
The first disciple—Simon Peter. Jesus nicknamed Peter, which means ‘a rock,’ saying that he will establish a foundation of his church on this rock. A fisherman became the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

April 29 – “Andrew”
Andrew was Peter’s younger brother. What you think it meant to be a ‘second child’ in the disciples group? How did the ‘second’ participate in the world’s transformation?

May 6 – “James”
Service with Holy Communion
Most of Jesus’ disciples were martyred—with only two exceptions of Judas and John. But James’ case was special. He was the first martyr among the Twelve. His nickname was “a Son of Thunder.” Did his temper lead him to the early death?

May 13 – “John”
Mother’s Day
John is known as the Apostle of Love. While his older brother James died early, he was the only disciple who died a natural death. We can’t miss another truth—he was also the disciple who took care of Jesus’ mother ever since Jesus’ death on the cross.

May 20 – “Phillip and Nathanael”
Pentecost: Youth Confirmation Sunday
Two friends joined Jesus in ministry. And they together participated in mission until the end of their days. Their stories tell us about friendship—and how the friendship led them to grow.

May 27 – “Matthew”
A hated tax collector was in Jesus’ squad. His presence within the group was a powerful proclamation in itself.

June 3 – “Simon the Zealot”
Service with Holy Communion
Zealots were known as radical activists among the Jews against Roman authority. They always carried a dagger with them, so they could kill anyone as necessary for revolution. There was Simon among the twelve. He was a Zealot.

June 10 – “James and Thaddeus”
If we make a list of Jesus’ disciples in the order from the most famous to the lesser-known, these two probably will be among the last. Being less famous does not mean, however, that they were less important.

June 17 – “Thomas”
A Guest Preacher Will Deliver the Message
Doubting Thomas is his nickname. We all have questions, and Thomas was a kind that was not afraid of asking them.

June 24 – “Judas”
Traitor. The disciple who betrayed Jesus. Jesus’ friend who sold him to let him be killed. The only disciple who killed himself. In fact, however, a disciple who was loved and trusted by Jesus. Judas.