Know Your Superpower

Everyone has a superpower.

September 15 – “Vision Power”
We used to daydream as a child. We thought about a great future, and we did it gladly, at least until we learned about ‘reality.’ But God still says we are more than what we think. God encourages us to have one thing that brings about power—vision.

September 22 – “Invincibility”
Life is tough. It always comes with reasons to struggle and troubles to figure out. It looks like problems will never end. But God has given us a way to get invincible in spite of the life matters. We are to just come before God, kneel down, close our eyes and say the magic words.

September 29 – “Radical Love”
To sum up the Christian belief in the simplest way is an easy task. God is love. Love is the beginning and the end of what we believe. And this love has power.

October 6 – “Magnification”
Service with Holy Communion
We are always encouraged to pursue something great. That’s how the world works. God’s people, however, have the secret power to see the beauty of small things.

October 13 – “Transformation”
Most of all, every power is design to bring a change. God has given all the power to change, and it’s only a matter of our choice to use. Can we change the world? Our community? Ourselves? Well, why not?