Stewardship — Easy to say that it is a proper way of Christian life and faith, but often we find it very difficult to practice. Especially when it comes to the use of money, stewardship becomes one of the biggest stumbling blocks. How can we then become better stewards? Why don’t we make it a process, just like when we handle other delicate works in life, approaching to the goal one at a time, step by step?

November 5 — “Question”
Service with the Holy Communion
Like other aspects of our faith, the heart of stewardship begins with questions. What kind of questions are we asking to God and to ourselves about money? How then are we answering those questions through out lives?

November 12 — “Challenge”
Such difficult questions often lead us to face our reality. As we try to figure out the questions we have, we are challenged, and in so doing, we discover our vulnerabilities. Questions challenge us. And challenges help us to grow.

November 19 — “Commit”
Commitment Sunday
As we grow, we do not just stop at knowing the knowledge, but we practice our maturity. Commitment is in this sense a very important step for a mature stewardship.

This Sunday also will be the Commitment Sunday. You are invited to make and offer your Commitment Card, which will be sent you in mail or can be found in the Narthex.

November 26 — “Give Thanks”
Stewardship does not end with giving. Thanksgiving is not a simple ritual. It makes changes, and it even makes our faith complete. Let us talk about how and why we give thanks.