The Book of Jeremiah is an interesting story. Several decades after the destruction of the city of Jerusalem, which was a symbol of the pride and identity of the Jewish community, there was an effort to rebuild the city wall as a representation of the restoration of their faith and community. The story tells us about the way of life as Christian disciples and church. What is the renewal of our life like and how do we make that happen? Would you please come and join in this talk for a change?

May 19 – “Broken to Rise”
We all want a (good) change, but all of us also already know that’s not an easy task. It feels like there’s a reason that makes our attempt to make changes always unsuccessful. Let us name it.

May 26 – “And Next to Them …”
It is now almost conventional to say that renewal and healthy changes can never be made by one or two. The Bible witnesses, too. At the place of renewal, there was always one who brings a change. And next to them, there was someone else. Always.

June 2 – “Troubles Within, Troubles Without”
Service with Holy Communion
Is there any moment that something great would happen without a problem? If you have ever experienced that before, you are the luckiest person in the world. Troubles come. And troubles go.

June 9 – “Church on Fire”
Pentecost Sunday
Service of Confirmation
Wesley has a history of two big fires that are very close to each other in their occurrences. Painful, but the story of the recovery is rather powerful.
On this day, we are also celebrating the Confirmation of three youth members. Please join us in the celebration of their steps with professions of faith!

June 16 – “The Return of Tobiah”
“And they lived happily ever after…” We love this line from the fairy tales, and it is probably because we know that’ll never happen in reality. So what are we to do? Well, let’s see what the Bible says!