It’s NOT in the Bible

It’s NOT in the Bible

These saying have been inspirational to us and many Christians. But that does not necessarily mean they are from the Bible. Are the Christian sayings biblically sound? What kind of lessons are they telling us about our life and faith?

September 16 – “God Wants You to Be Happy”
Human beings pursue happiness in their lives. We want to be happy, and God should want us to be happy, too, we believe. Would it surprise us, if the Bible never says “God Wants You to Be Happy”?

September 23 – “God Works in Mysterious Ways”
God’s thoughts are not like ours, neither are the ways of God. We also know that God’s knowledge cannot be fully measured and understood. But it is not because God is hiding. God’s ways are not like ours, but it may not be necessarily a mystery.

September 30 – “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”
This saying laid the foundation of American dream. Once we work hard, God’ll help. Of course, God does help. But the Bible may not agree “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”

October 7 – “This Too Shall Pass”
Service with Holy Communion
When life is challenged, it may give us hope to say that, “This Too Shall Pass.” But the Bible may say differently. What is the message of hope, then, that the Bible would tell us?