Lent 2018 at Wesley

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14. As you can see, this year, the day overlaps with Valentine’s Day, which reminds us of the truth that this season is all about love—God’s self-giving love in Jesus Christ.

During this 40 days of intentional journey toward holiness and transformation, Wesley invites you to a sermon series, “Seven Proclamations.” Jesus left seven last words while he was hung on the cross. Even if it was his last words before death, those words were not his wills. They were Jesus’ powerful proclamations—the essence that summarizes his teachings through his life.

Looking into each proclamation every week, we are going to try to find out what Jesus truly wanted his disciples to remember before they would be left alone. Would you join us in listening to the words from the cross?

February 14 – Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday Service

Please come out for the Ash Wednesday Night Service, on February 14 at 7:00pm, begin with us this holy season in a special way. You will be imposed ashes on your forehead in a cross shape, remembering that we as mortal and vulnerable beings are always in need of grace and love.

February 18 – “Father, Forgive Them”
1st Sunday of Lent

How can it be? Not only giving up his life for the sinners, Jesus also asked God’s forgiveness upon those who were killing himself. If we see this words as an invitation, one question automatically follows. Can we really forgive as Jesus did?

February 25 – “Today You Will Be in Paradise”
2nd Sunday of Lent

Two thieves were killed by the side of Jesus. While one rather chose to condemn Jesus’ powerlessness, the other asked grace at his last breath. And he was promised the paradise. Probably he made one of the best choices in the human history.

March 4 – “Woman, Here’s Your Son”
3rd Sunday of Lent with the Holy Communion

There stood Jesus’ mother. Losing her child, Mary was devastated. Jesus extended his heart of love and care by calling his disciple John to be Mary’s another son. In times of fear and sorrow, another family gave its birth to our world.

March 11 – “Eloi, Lema Sabachthani”
4th Sunday of Lent

Such a human voice of vulnerability from Jesus has puzzled many. “Why have you forsaken me?” Did Jesus really believe so? How should we comprehend this powerless outcry of the divine savior?

March 18 – “I Thirst”
5th Sunday of Lent

One of Jesus’ self-given nickname was “the Living Water.” On the cross, this Jesus had to completely empty himself. The Living Water seemed to run dry. Jesus thirsts.

March 25 – “It Is Finished”
6th Sunday of Lent / Palm Sunday

We cannot even dare to measure the vastness of this proclamation. The accomplishment of God’s universal work for humanity is accomplished. It is ALL finished. The most miserable moment of death becomes a powerful victory.

March 30 – “I Commend My Spirit”
Good Friday Tenebrae Service

At the very last breathe of Jesus, he turned his eyes to the heavenly Father. And as of this moment, the three days of silence in darkness begins. On the Good Friday, Wesley offers Tenebrae Service, a service of darkness, through which we remember Jesus’ suffering and death. Shall we come and place ourselves at the cross where Jesus gave himself up for us?