Lenten Series 2019 – “The Last Week”

Lent is a season that, in Christian tradition, that people remember Jesus’ ministry on the cross with a little more intentionality of holiness and discipleship. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, it refers to the forty days, not counting Sunday, before Easter Sunday.

During this Lent, Wesley invites all to our Lenten meditation, through which we will talk about Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem. Inspired by the book The Last Week written by Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan, every week, we will look into each day of the week, remember what Jesus did and what those work would tells us about our life.

March 10 – “Palm Sunday: The King of Salvation Marched In”
Jesus’ entering into Jerusalem reminds us of the kingly march of the Roman military—but a very different way. And the way of the king of grace is the way we walk in this Lent.

March 17 – “Monday: A New Day at the Temple”
It is meaningful that the first thing Jesus did in Jerusalem in that week was to cleanse the Temple. If Jesus came to Vienna of 2019, what would Jesus say about the church? Jesus invites us to rethink about being a church.

March 24 – “Tuesday: The Great Commandment Revealed”
Then Jesus proclaimed the Greatest Commandment: “Love God, and love your neighbors.” It is that simple and clear—at least was supposed to be.

March 31 – “Wednesday: Plot behind the Goodness”
Spring Day of Service
“All are invited to the works for community and church after the service!”
The plot to kill Jesus was developed. There was one last thing they needed—it was a traitor. By Wednesday, they came to get what they desired.

April 7 – “Maundy Thursday: Communion Shared, Feet Washed”
Service with Holy Communion
On the night Jesus was captured, in the Upper Room, Jesus shared a meal with the folks he loved. He also washed the feet of each one of them and invited us to do the same. Water, bread, and wine—his extraordinary invitation came out of those ordinary materials.

April 14 – “Good Friday: The Day God Died for Us”
Jesus died on the cross. God seemed to fail. The Light of the world vanished into the darkness. At least people thought that way. But that was not what happened. On this day, God drew God’s divine self even closer to the people God loved.

April 19 – “Holy Saturday: A Day of Great Silence”
Good Friday Tenebrae Service at 7:00 pm
All are invited to Wesley’s Tenebrae Service on Good Friday at 7:00 pm. On this day, the story of Holy Saturday will be told, which the only day that God’s presence seems to not be with God’s people. This silence means something. And it tells something to our discipleship.

During this Holy Week, Wesley is also conducting joint services with the neighboring churches. Detailed plan for the Holy Week will be separately announced.