So God Called Them …

The Ages of Judges were interesting. In the world where it is hard to find a thing that is worthy of our trust, and where human leadership (both in church and society) is one of the hottest potatoes in our conversations, will the stories of Judges tells us something meaningful? During the month of January through mid-February, Wesley invites all to a dialogue on the stories of Judges, the broken leaders, and yet those God freely called.

January 13 – “Othniel”
The time of Judges was when theocracy was a form of governance in the Israelite community. For that generation, Othniel was the first one that was assigned to be a leader. And his presence has a powerful message about God’s philosophy on leadership.

January 20 – “Ehud”
He was probably one of the weirdest leaders in the entire Bible. Ehud, the “left-handed” Judge represents a vulnerable and broken leader. And we know they are all around us, too.

January 27 – “Deborah”
Guest Preacher: Rev. Chenda Innis Lee
Deborah was the only female Judge, who remarked bravery, leadership and faithfulness. On this day, Wesley invites you to a worship leadership of a brave and faithful female leader of church, Rev. Chenda Innis Lee, and to her powerful message.

February 3 – “Gideon”
Scout Sunday: Scouts lead the worship
Service with Holy Communion
Please join us in a worship service that the scouts in Vienna will lead, the young leaders of our future community. Gideon’s story, a courageous leader led 300 people to fight a big battle, will bring us spiritual inspirations as well.

February 10 – “Jephthah”
Certainly, Jephthah was the most troubling Judge. In the hearts of many, his story of killing his own daughter is completely ridiculed and forgotten accordingly. What’s the point of having such a bizarre story in the Bible? What did he do and what can we learn?

February 17 – “Samson”
He was strong. But he was very vulnerable, too. Samson is, therefore, an interesting human being to know. With his story, the Ages of Judges have come to its end. And the lesson his story gives us is as dramatic as its powerful ending.