Coats in the Bible

In November, Wesley Church will have its annual Coat Drive. By collecting the coats in the community and delivering the warmth to our neighbors in need, this ministry has been a blessing for many years. In our consideration of the mission, why don’t we think about the coats in the Bible? As we hear the story of the coats in the Bible, shall we be reminded that every piece of coat can be a blessing of warmth to others?

November 4 – “Elijah’s Cloak”
All Saints’ Sunday: Service with Holy Communion

Elijah’s cloak represents his ministry of prophecy. It is give to his disciple Elisha, as a mandate of his work and authority. What does that mean? Does the cloak have anything to do with us?

This Sunday is All Saints’ Sunday. During the worship, we will light candles in memory of those who have joined in the heavenly band of saints in this year.

November 11 – “Coat of Many Colors”

This was the beginning of all troubles. Joseph’s coat of many colors was a blessing, like many other coats in the Bible. This symbol of blessing, however, turned out to be a source of tragedy and struggle.

November 18 – “The First Coat of Leaves”

Stewardship Sunday

“They hid from the Lord among the trees in the garden.” This is what the first biblical record of a garment in the Bible. What does that mean? What can we learn?

November 25 – “Jesus’ Purple Robes”

The best robe in the entire history was not a beautiful one. But Jesus wore it with boldness and gladness. This tells us something about our life and faith.