Advent 2017 at Wesley

Advent is the four weeks of special season in the church calendar before Christmas. With its original meaning, “waiting,” Advent is a season for anticipation, expectation, and hope. What are you waiting for Christmas this year? What does the day mean to us?

The same question might have been asked to the people who were standing at the side of the manger that Jesus was born. They were a fortunate group of people to see the moment that changed the history of the world. Have you ever wondered? Who were they? What did happen to them, and what does their story tell us about the meaning of Christmas?

December 3 – “The Magi”
Service with the Holy Communion
Surprisingly, the Magi are a group of folks that are not very well known to us. We see them every year in the Nativity Scenes, but we barely know about this mysterious group of people. In fact, the three gifts were not the only thing they brought to the story of the Bible. There are much more we can learn from these wise men.

December 10 – “Joseph”
Children’s Pageant during the 11:00 service
A carpenter became the stepfather of God’s son. Even if his story is told as a beautiful part of Jesus’ birth, personally this should nothing but a misery to this poor man. Will the untold story this carpenter tell us why God commended God’s son to him.

December 17 – “The Shepherds”
2017 Christmas Cantata
The sound that awakened the night was the angelic singing from the heaven. And the shepherds were out there in the field. Like the shepherds, shall we join the beautiful singing of the coming of God’s son?

December 24 – “The Innkeeper”
One morning service offered at 11:00am
The one totally unexpected guest to the scene is the innkeeper. As the owner of the stable and manger where Jesus was born, he just happened to be there for no reason. No reason? Really? Well, let’s see.

December 24 (Evening)
Candlelight Service at 5:30pm & 7:30pm
In the evening of Christmas Eve, Wesley offers two Candlelight Services. Come with your family, or with friends, or by yourself as you are. Let us worship together and make this Christmas a ‘Christ-mas.’