2018 Wesley Coat Drive

This month, Wesley is operating its annual Coat Drive.Flyers will be distributed to the community on Sunday, November 11. If you received one, please leave the coats and sweaters in front of your house as instructed on Saturday, November 17, by 9:00am. Teams from Wesley will pick them up between 9:00 and 11:00am. A receipt for your donation will be left at your door as well.

If you did not receive one but have coats and/or sweaters to bless others, please visit the church office between now and November 17 and drop the clothes off. We are located at 711 Spring St SE in Vienna. You can also get a receipt from the office for your tax purpose.

Thank you very much for participating in this great opportunity to make this winter. For many people in need, the colder the weather gets, the less this season becomes a joy. And now you are making them this season a blessing to our neighbors! This Christmas, shall we be a Santa?

May your Christmas holiday be full of the season’s blessings!